Who We Are

The Communication Unit of Nalanda College has a proud history of 35 years. during this period we have produced many talented media personalities to the nation. Going along that proud path, today we have gained an unparalleled peer admiration among the fellow school media units. The Communication Unit of Nalanda College has come a long way in both technology and talent and covers all the major events of the school including the responsibility to video archiving all major events at Nalanda College. A major milestone was achieved in history with the telecasting of a TV channel Nalandasara TV with a range of 5km for three days – the first TV broadcast by a school in Sri Lanka. The Communication Unit of Nalanda College has broadcasted a radio station 13 times with a range of 20km under the names mentioned below.

  • 1996 – Ecstasy of Nalanda
  • 1997 – Nalandasara
  • 1998 – Nalandasara
  • 1999 – Nalandasara
  • 1999 – Broadcasting a radio channel parallel to the 75th anniversary of Nalanda College
  • 2001 – Ecstasy of Nalanda
  • 2005 – Nalandasara
  • 2006 – Nalandasara
  • 2007 – Nalandasara
  • 2008 – Nalandasara
  • 2010 – Nalandasara
  • 2011 – Nalandasara
  • 2012 – Nalandasara

Live telecasted Ananda – Nalanda Cricket Encounter Battle of the Maroons on 2002 & 2004.

Organized a technical workshop for the school media technicians with well-known media personalities in Sri Lanka.