Nalandians colour the ceremonial evening

Published On: March 12, 2022Views: 5020 Comments

The Colours Awarding Ceremony of Nalanda College for 2019 was held successfully in the school Malalasekara Theatre yesterday (11). The event was honoured with the principal of Nalanda College, Mr. Thilak Waththuhewa as the chief guest and the teachers of Nalanda College.

The overachieving young students in Nalanda received two hundred-two merit certificates, ninety-four colours and six rising suns awards. L. M. Susal T. De Silva, Lochana Oshan De Silva and Kavin Randiya Premaratne received recognition as the “Most Outstanding Junior Sportsman”, “Most Outstanding Senior Sportsman”, and “Most Outstanding Sportsman at International Tournaments” for the year 2019, respectively. The valuable guidance of the teachers in charge and the coaches also got appreciated in the ceremony.

The Communication Unit of Nalanda College wishes well for all the award winners.

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